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‘Rambo’ preview

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By Chris Wolf

By Chris Wolf

The new “Rambo” movie is quickly approaching release, seemingly launched directly from a time portal connected to the 1980’s.

Sylvester Stallone takes up the directing duty for this movie, and so far it looks like he’s doing a stellar job.

The trailer captured the same feeling of awe I experienced as a 10 year old sneaking “Rambo II” out of my dads secret stash, complete with overly dramatic, machismo dialogue (“Live for nothing, or die for something”), and ridiculous amounts of gore.

Stallone returns as John Rambo, and with the help of what I can only imagine to be a daily diet of tiger steaks marinated in gunpowder and a gratuitous amount of steroids, he still looks like he can convincingly pull off the part.

The plot centers on the series hero, John Rambo, who now lives alone in Bangkok. He is approached by a group of humanitarian missionaries, who request that he take them down the river to Burma.

The Burmese military, however, kidnaps them after Rambo leaves, since they are helping the Karen tribe, whom the Burmese are at war with.

Pastor Arthur Marsh, played by Ken Howard, notifies Rambo of this, and offers him a group of mercenaries to help save them.

Rambo goes off on his typical soliloquy, ranting about how many people he killed in the Vietnam war, and how he despises violence. Ironically, he normally does this while putting grenade tips on his arrows and sharpening a machete.

Hopefully I can find out when this happens, so I can skip all the boring fluff and walk in when the real action starts.

Calling “Rambo” gory would be an understatement. In the trailer alone, I saw Rambo rip out a rapist’s jugular with his bare hands, give a man a cesarean section with a pocket knife, and use a military jeep’s M60 on a soldier point blank, throwing pink and red pudding all over the screen.

I would be lying if I said that this gratuitous amount of blood and guts wasn’t the films biggest selling point. It reminds me of what the classic arcade game “Metal Slug” would look like if it was made into a movie.

“Rambo” looks to be an enjoyable flashback to ridiculously over the top 1980’s action movies, and is expected to be released this January.

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