New I.D. card offers more services for students

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By Erin Murphy

By Erin Murphy

“Keeping Up with the Jones'” is definitely a phrase that can be related to schools such as ours, and universities.

From the latest technological advancements and renovations, to a new parking structure, Riverside Community College District has been “keeping up” to larger schools and universities. There is however, something that could use improvement; the fact that there are no ATMs for local banks on campus and only one option for food that isn’t bagged, the cafeteria, which is cash only.

RCC has recently introduced a new and improved student identification card that will solve that dilemma. RCC and Wells Fargo have teamed up to offer RCC students advantages when it comes to banking, especially when on campus.

The new RCCD College Card will be linked to all Wells Fargo ATMs so students who bank with Wells Fargo will be linked to their accounts while on campus.

There will also be Wells Fargo ATMs located on each campus of RCCD so students do not have to succumb to the charges when withdrawing cash from the ATMs existing on campus. Financial Aid checks can also be automatically deposited into your account.

For students who do not currently bank with Wells Fargo, free college checking accounts may seem appealing. There is no monthly charge. RCCD College Card can also be used as your everyday banking card.

“We hope to encourage and assist students in as many ways as possible while they are in school,” said Iyesha Hernandez, employee of Wells Fargo.

RCCD College Card also links students to the Digital Library and Research Center, and the labs available at RCC. Students are also able to receive discounts to different events on and off campus.

“The new ID card at RCC makes my life a whole lot easier because I can get money on campus without the charges and I can also get into the library without worrying about not loosing my library card,” said Shelby Boucher, new RCC student.

Stop by Admissions and Records building on any campus of RCC to pick up your new student ID card. Make sure you do so before March of 2008 because the old RCC ID cards will no longer be valid.

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