Civil War II: Bringing up secession again

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By Adrian Pascua

By Adrian Pascua

The Civil War was almost 150 years ago, but the League of the South still feel that they are better off independent from the rest of the Untied States.

Tired of foreign wars and what they call “right wing courts,” their wish is for the south as well as Hawaii and Alaska to secede peacefully and without conflict.

Which, I’m pretty sure, most people would find absurd.

“We believe that an independent South, Hawaii, Alaska, or Vermont would be better able to serve the interest of everybody, regardless of race or ethnicity,” said Michael Hill, President of the League of the South.

Just because the guy running the country stutters through his speeches, breaking away from the rest of the country in comparison seems extreme.

It may seem like the big businesses and conglomerates own those who are in office, but having faith in those we elect is what has made this country what it is today.

A majority of Californians don’t like Bush.

Alright, a majority of the world doesn’t like Bush, but that’s no excuse for California to just leave the rest of the Union.

The South is just trying to shout that rebel yell just one more time, because secession is not a solution, it’s running away.

If Hill is so bent out of shape about the war and the Bush administration, he can join the rest of the country.

If anything, he should use all these political movements to bring our troops back instead of destroying a home for them to come back to.

You can hope in saving the “U.S. Empire” from ourselves by secession, but wouldn’t that just have a reverse effect and set us back from all the blood, sweat, and tears that this country was built on.

You can’t blame Hill though, we’ve been locked in a war that nobody wanted. But Bush refuses to send home any of our troops.

The League of the South, is a political group, who’s backwards way of thinking is setting our country back 100 years.

The rest of the world might not like the way things are being run by Bush, we might not like how things are done by him either, but don’t think for a second that those soldiers dying in Iraq right now would be happy to know that their home would be divided from the country that they have been working and fighting for.

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