Leave Chris Crocker alone… seriously

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By Griffith Fuller Jr.

By Griffith Fuller Jr.

In today’s age of technology and international broadcasting Web sites like youtube.com, anyone can be a celebrity or desperately try to make him or herself into one.

With pop-culture commentators like Perez Hilton, you can become famous just for talking about famous people. Sound pathetic?

It couldn’t get any worse than Chris Crocker’s public plea in response to Britney Spear’s public criticism over her failed MTV Video Music Awards performance.

The two minute video starts with a distraught weepy Crocker complaining about how the media exploited Britney Spears and is “making money off of her.”

He periodically shouts “Leave Britney alone!!!” throughout his rant, blurring the line between feeling sorry for him and laughing hysterically.

Most people can agree that it is not appropriate to laugh at, or make fun of crazy people, but if someone strives to make a celebrity of himself or herself based off of his or her eccentric personality and classic idiosyncrasies, than how should the public react?

Many of the comments left under the “Leave Britney Alone!!!” video are derogatory and /or attacked Crocker’s sexual orientation rather than his actions in the video.

While some people are genuinely concerned about Crocker’s sanity and mental well-being, others have proclaimed themselves fans of his. On Crocker’s myspace.com page he has contact info for “Business Inquiries.”

He currently has over 26,000 friends, and has a blog that dates back to March 2007 bragging about plans to develop his own television program.

Crocker admits to being an entertainer and developing his celebrity through posting videos to websites like myspace.com and youtube.com.

His videos are bizarre and random, ranging from one featuring a petty bickering with his grandmother to another insisting that incest is okay.

The desperation to make a reality star out of himself via the internet shows how low people’s standards of entertainment have sunk.

This is the same generation that is easily amused by shows like “Jackass” and “Wild Boys” and carbon copy reality MTV shows about spoiled upper-class to upper-middle class kids (usually not of color) complaining about insignificant things in their superficial materialistic lives.

If Crocker rolling around in his shrine of Britney Spears memorabilia doesn’t speak volumes about the danger of celebrity obsession, then what does?

Here is a person who has become an instant celebrity because of his publicized rant about his favorite pop star that he is dangerously obsessed with.

The media doesn’t help solve the problem either. Professional journalism was stripped away when stations like MSNBC, FOX, and ABC covered stories on Chris Crocker’s video.

Anchor persons and commentators mocked, laughed out loud, and made fun of Crocker instead of giving a straight forward professional delivery.

Tabloid outlets like TMZ.com represent the very worst of the media, making celebrity news coverage look cheap, sleazy, and sophomoric.

Crocker might enjoy America watching him and talking about him for now, and he might enjoy his ludicrous interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, but sooner than later his 15 minutes of lame will be over and not even articles like this will be around anymore to talk about how sad his cause is.

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