America’s family life, becomes a reality show

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By Shaundra Palehgyi

By Shaundra Palehgyi

The most basic, the most essential organization is the family.

Families are the foundation of society, yet the majority of people can’t seem to keep theirs together.

Divorce runs rampant in the United States. Statistics show that 50 precent of all marriages fail.

That rate is absolutely alarming.

Relationships can fall apart for any number of reasons. One of the biggest is that not enough importance is placed on the sanctity of marriage.

Society makes a mockery of it every day in various ways. Divorce rather than working out problems like mature adults is only one way.

On television shows such as “Flavor of Love” and “The Bachelor,” we see love turned into some sort of game or competition as opposed to the real time and effort it takes to build a significant relationship.

We see celebrities, the most visible of examples, enter into marriage on a whim, only to throw it away a year later.

While in some cases divorce is necessary, it is generally used as a quick fix or fast escape, which is ironic since it is never quick, easy, or inexpensive.

Two people shouldn’t enter into the bonds of marriage unless they are aware of the life-long commitment it should be.

Aside from unreadily beginning a marriage, people bring children into the world under less than desirable circumstances; poverty and single-parent homes are examples.

While the freedom that women have worked so hard for is wonderful, if women are having babies, they need to be there for them.

Too many women have children and yet leave them in the care of another to go work.

Becoming a mother is a huge choice that must be met with responsibility.

Leaving your kids alone will only have a disastrous outcome. Especially in the early stages of life, children need to feel love and comfort from their parents.

Modern society has placed the stigma on motherhood that states that it is backwards and chauvinistic to stay at home with the kids.

It simply is not so.

It is the natural, selfless, responsible way to behave.

Along with mothers needing to be with their children, fathers need to be there for the families they produce.

A woman can’t make a baby alone and both parties need to take responsibility and care for the human beings they create.

It is incomprehensible how people can make a child only to abandon him.

Neglect is an overlooked form of abuse. Even though someone may not be physically hurting their child, not being there can be just as damaging.

Addiction is another downfall to the family.

People who allow substances such as alcohol to run their lives will quickly become alienated from their family.

They may even become violent or reckless, hurting themselves and the ones that they love.

Alcohol is not the only damaging addiction.

Pornography is all too commonplace in the home. It is so common that is seems harmless, however, it is a dangerous pitfall. Pornography can be more addictive than substances.

Pornography desensitizes those who are addicted.

It degrades the perspective one has on those around him. It can utterly destroy a relationship.

All of these problems are so common that they don’t appear to be as serious as they really are.

Most do not realize the magnitude of the disintegration of the home and family.

Your home should be your haven, your shelter.

It must be difficult to feel safe with all the subtle, internal attacks made by the influence of society.

What needs to be done is people need to realize how important the family is and take responsibility for their actions.

They need to protect their loved ones from damage and abuse. They need to make their homes the safe place they should be by definition.

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