A real ‘Heartbreak’ of a film

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By Saida Green

By Saida Green

With so many marriages ending in divorce these days, this film is just what our society needs.

“The Heartbreak Kid” is a tale warning couples to get to know each other before vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.

The movie centers on Eddie (Ben Stiller) who meets and falls in love with a beautiful blonde named Lila (Malin Akerman.)

Eddie is convinced that he’s finally met the right girl and marries her after only six weeks of dating. While on his honeymoon Eddie discovers what a nightmare Lila is, and falls in love with Miranda (Michelle Monaghan), the girl of his dreams.

Sounds like the perfect feel good date movie, right? Wrong.

Something went horribly wrong with this movie. It started out great, but between the sex scenes, Eddie’s quickie marriages and even quicker divorces, I was left with a strong urge to demand that I be given back the $9 I paid to see the movie.

The movie was hilarious but towards the end it seemed like the writers got tired and just gave up, leaving audience members unsatisfied and a little upset. There were two things that totally killed the film.

The first was way too much sex. The explicit sex scenes really cheapened the movie and crossed the line of crude humor to soft porn. I was horrified and a little embarrassed because I had brought my 16-year-old sister along with me.

Another woman felt the same way, and said she was “horrified” because she’d brought her 18-year-old daughter to see what she thought was a comedy, not a porn flick.

The second thing that spoiled the movie was the ending. It felt like the writers just gave up. I was rooting for Eddie to get with the girl he fell in love with while he was on his honeymoon with Lila, but in the end he turned out to be a complete jerk who didn’t deserve Miranda in the first place.

When Eddie runs into Miranda 18 months later in San Lucas he has once again jumped into a marriage with a woman and immediately drops the poor woman just to be with Miranda.

Before Eddie jumps into yet another marriage he should stop and think about what he really wants in a relationship, and stop going off looks.

This movie had great potential. The actors were great, and so was the storyline, until the end of the movie. Just as Eddie discovered during his honeymoon with Lila, it seemed like a good idea at the time to go and see this movie.

However, about halfway through, you’ll realize you should’ve saved your money and waited for it to come out on DVD.

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