In N’ Out’s other personality

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By Alicia Parker

By Alicia Parker

Underneath the secret sauce and So. Cal legacy, In N’ Out has what some consumers never knew of: A secret menu.

When Harry and Esther Snyder opened the first In N’ Out in 1948’s Baldwin Park, they displayed a simple menu of hamburgers, fries, shakes and soda. That menu still remains today, but is the only menu displayed to the customers. Tens of other unlisted and consistently pleasing items are available to the consumers. The most popular “secret” item-which has become less of a true secret over the years-is the “Animal Ham.”

Back in the early 1950’s, one of the workers at the original In N’ Out, Theo Roberts, decided to take taste into his own hands by frying mustard into the bun, adding extra slop (thousand island dressing), and grilling the onions for the burger. Theo’s tasty creation was dubbed the Animal style hamburger by the customers, for the hamburger was a ferocious beast in its own.

Over the years, picky and adventurous customers have helped add to the menu by tweaking, twisting and recreating the classics into a whole new genre of food for the new generation. There is surely something available for every person who is willing to have a taste.

For those of you who are diet conscious and believe that In N’Out cannot be balanced into your systems, some of the other secret menu items can accommodate your needs. On the low-carb diet? Then the “protein style” hamburger that is devoid of a bun and wrapped in lettuce is sure to meet your standards. What if you’re a vegetarian? Well, In N’ Out also offers a grilled cheese sandwich-it looks just like a hamburger, but with the meat taken out of it-as well as a vegan friendly veggie sandwich.

Of all the secret menu items available, my personal favorite is the “animal style fries.” Nothing is better than the fresh potato pieces topped off with melted cheese, Thousand Island dressing and a mound of grilled onions. Chili cheese fries, move out of the way!

So, I suggest that anyone who already enjoys In N’ Out, and even those who have yet to discover it, to go and explore the many unlisted possibilities that can tingle your taste buds and inspire your creative side. I won’t ruin all of the menu, I’ll let you catch some of it on your own. After all, if i gave it all away, it wouldn’t be a secret.

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