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Obama club starts on campus

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By Andrea Martinez

By Andrea Martinez

The 2008 presidential race just might be one of the most interesting yet in comparison to previous races. The upcoming elections have everyone wondering who will win.

With such candidates as Hilary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama there’s definitely an assortment of candidates. It’s pretty easy to say that there hasn’t quite been a presidential race like this.

So, as college students how can we become more involved? Well, besides brushing up on your politics and registering to vote, there is a Students for Obama club right here on our campus.

You don’t necessarily have to support Obama, you just simply have to have some type of an interest in politics and the presidential race. The club was just formed and recently had its first meeting.

The clubs advisor is Ken Bowyer a history instructor who wants to get more students involved in politics whether they support Obama or not, whether they are republican or democrat it doesn’t matter.

During club meetings there are open discussions and debates which can be very fun, especially if you like to argue like me. This is definitely a great way to learn about what’s going on in politics, something college student should do.

It’s very important for a student here at RCC to become more involved with politics because whether you care on not it all affects us.

The great thing about politics, is that we can somehow become involved and play a part in making a change.

Political involvement is low among college students so we need to find more ways to get them involved, especially here at RCC. The Students for Obama club is great start and idea to get our students drawn in.

This is definitely the time to encourage our students to become more concerned with political affairs being that we are in a war and have a great deal of other things going on.

It’s really not boring as you may think when it comes to politics, you become well aware of what’s going on in our community as well as the world.

Voting is of importance it gives people the right to voice their opinion on pending laws or who they want to be in local and state offices. As students we have control over

Take advantage of the right to vote and take advantage of opportunities to learn about politics. As college students who have to pay for our education we should be concerned about laws being passed or about who our political leaders are going to be. They control the way things are ran.

Club advisor Bowyer has plans to organize a march and is planning a trip to see Obama when he visits Long Beach. If you are interested in becoming involved, the Students for Obama club meets on Mondays from 5 to 6 in room D-6 at Lovekin

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