What exactly is a Web site?

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By Adrian Pascua

By Adrian Pascua

In a time where the Internet reigns supreme, one judge is still learning how to use it.

In London, the trail of three men that were charged with terrorism via the Internet, showed just how old school one judge was.

The judge told the prosecutor early on that he did not know what a web site was.

Prosecutor Mark Ellison had a tech expert then explain it to the 59-year-old judge. He was told to keep it simple and start from the basics. As you might imagine, in this day and age the Internet for most is point and click.

The web site produced by the three young men contained executions of western hostages, materials and methods used to make car bombs and videos on wiring a suicide vest to promote global jihad.

The Internet has been our source of information for a good number of years. It still amazes me how computer illiterate most people still are. For the most part, people of the 21st century have learned how to use this tool that has become vital such a part of our society.

If those that interpret the law do not understand how to use the Internet properly, then Internet terrorism will always be a problem.

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