Low gas prices unfair?

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By Andrea Martinez

By Andrea Martinez

With gas prices as high as they are, you would think consumers would jump at the chance to get a break.

No one would have thought that trying to give people discounts on gas was such a bad thing.

In Wisconsin, a service station offered senior citizens a discount, as well as discount cards to support local youth sports.

The owner of the station was ordered to raise prices because his discounts violated Wisconsin’s Unfair Sales Act. The state then warned the owner that they would sue if he didn’t raise his prices.

If he didn’t, they would charge the poor guy for every discount offered. When governments pass laws which prevent business people from lowering prices, we have a problem.

The only people who should really worry about lowering prices and giving discounts should be the business owners.

Usually business owners determine how they want to run their business, but now we have state laws controlling certain factors.

It would be ridiculous and unfair to say that business owners can’t determine their own costs. Currently, gas prices are draining consumers’ money; giving a discount should do no harm.

With the given discounts, the gas price would lower to be the amount it should cost.

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