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By Erin Murphy

(from left) Students Regina Williams and Ashley Williams use the computers in the Career/Transfer Center, just one of many resources open to students. (Freedom Moreno)

By Erin Murphy

It’s not uncommon for a young person to feel dazed and confused when it comes to their future.

Riverside City College’s Career and Transfer Center is here to help anyone who is in need of some guidance to the long thing that lies ahead of everyone; life.

Whether it is transferring to a four year university, receiving an associate’s degree, getting started at RCC, or just trying to figure out which of these options is best for you, the answer can be found there.

“Your future begins here,” Eileen Colapinto, the director of the RCC Career and Transfer Center said.

When it comes to finding a career this center is here to assist you in finding a vocational field that will “fit” your future. Counseling appointments can be made to help someone begin in the process of deciding what to do for their future in the work force. There are Career workshops, assessments, reference resources, and classes to also guide someone in making the right decision for their career.

The Career and Transfer Center also provides On-campus tours. These tours allow students to explore a felid they might be interested in pursuing like nursing, telecommunication, cosmetology, automotive, etc. There are 12 computers available that are installed with programs such as Eureka and Choices. These programs can help students find a major or a career path. The computers and staff of this center can also provide assistance in creating resumes.

“There is so much available here that is beneficial to people exploring their options, especially the occupational tours”, said Carmen Perches, who works in the Career and Transfer Center.

The transition from RCC to a four year university is a large process. It can become very confusing. The Transfer Center provides an immense amount of resources to make this transition easier for students.

Counseling appointments can be made, workshop and seminars to help student acquire knowledge about applying, campuses, and financial aid, university representatives, and transfer fairs are all found here.

“When it came time to transfer I was pretty lost”, said Jessica Holderness, a current RCC student. “After going to a Transfer Fair last fall I got so many questions I had answered and I feel like I’m going in much more of a direction now.”

The computers available in this center can also be used to file all applications to four year universities. The staff is also there to help students submit applications correctly and on time.

“Think big, think transfer,” Colapinto said.

There is also a Transfer Recognition Ceremony that honors students that have been accepted to universities. Students that attend this ceremony will receive a RCCD Transfer Achievement Medal and a Certificate of Transfer. Applications are available in the Career and Transfer Center.

The main Career and Transfer Center is located in the Admissions and Records building. There is also a link for the Career and Transfer Center on the RCC Web site.

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