Car enthusiasts feel the heat at ‘Nightshift’

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By Adrian Pascua

By Adrian Pascua

Hot cars, hot girls, hot music at Hot Import Nights: Nightshift.

This was the scene at the Pomona Raceway on March 24. Cars from the islands of Japan to streets of the California owned the night and the limelight.

Hundreds were in attendance, whether it was to see the cars, watch half-naked women pose scandalously on the hood of a car one could only dream about, or to watch rappers Fabulous and Chingy perform. The main stage was completely packed for every performance, from go-go dancers to bikini contests, then to independent performances from all over the Inland Empire.

The Drift show displayed amazing drivers from various drifting competitions such as the D1 Grand Prix; held once year in Irwindale Speedway to the Formula Drift; which is held once a month across the country. Nothing, but tire smoke and gasoline lit up the night sky of the Hot Import Nights: Nightshift.

Radio station Power 106 broadcasted live and hosted the Mazda main stage . The DJ’s kept the music flowing all night, so that the fans could watch their favorite import models shake it on stage and kept the crowd completely entranced and entertained with just the way they moved. The Bikini contest was hosted by Poorman from “Poorman’s Bikini Beach” along with Ursula Mayes, last year’s Miss Hot Import Nights. When the girls stepped on stage, all the boys there couldn’t stop drooling.

Followed by this display of flash and flesh, were the performances held by Fabulous and Chingy. Hundreds of screaming fans packed the stage for both rap superstars. About 70 percent of those fans were all women. The stage was so loud it was virtually impossible to hear over the screaming female fans.

Just walking around was the largest photo shoot ever. To fuel the fire, the models at the event were not in short supply. You couldn’t walk ten feet without a bikini clad woman posed on top of a hood or signing posters.

The booths were filled with free posters of smoking hot models who any enthusiast could take a picture with. Whether the car costed a million or looked like a million, no show car was denied (as long it made you sweat).

After watching the cars pose with the models, (or the models posing with the cars) the drifting and the motorcycle stunts were enough to melt the asphalt. If attractive models or the Mazda main stage wasn’t really the attendees forte, then they could always try to “test drive” a new 2007 Mazda Protégé. When I say test drive, I mean really drive any one of those cars until the wheels fell off.

If getting a one of kind opportunity to drive a brand new car couldn’t fit your needs for an adrenaline rush then maybe you need help. I’ve stated before, if models and spectacular cars were not an attendees’ niche, then perhaps they liked video games.

Not to worry, the Circuit City booth had what they were looking for, on race simulators winners of the best time possible were awarded $100. If that wasn’t enough, game enthusiasts could take pictures with “advertising” models for the latest racing games for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. “Juiced 2” was hosted by Mayes herself. If none of this could get your blood pumping, check your pulse, because you may already be dead.

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