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By Andrea Martinez

(Leonardo Pineda)

By Andrea Martinez

It’s really sad that the bar has been raised even higher for the amount of money to run a successful presidential campaign. It’s become a money competition between the candidates; in the end, the one with the most money has the most power.

Every year each presidential candidate tries to fund enough money to advertise and get the media’s attention.

Most candidates try to get large portions of donations from all kinds of donor’s.

Presidential contenders must raise millions of dollars in order to have a successful campaign.

It costs big dough to advertise, making it very expensive and difficult in some cases to run for president.

A common political strategy for bringing in large amounts of money is for each party to invest money on the best bet for their party.

Each party decides who is the best bet and donates their money to that candidate.

It’s a great way to get some support, but it’s a little too much to raise millions of dollars just for one campaign.

Unfortunately, those who donate and help raise that money have no guarantee that the candidate is going to win.

In politics having money is power; with money comes the power to gain popularity.

The more money you have the more support you’ll have.

I thought that running for president was based on whether the candidate had what it takes to be a successful president.

No matter if the candidate has the right skills to be a president or how organized their campaigns are, if they don’t have the money they almost don’t have a chance to win.

In our current presidential race Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have raised at least $25 million for their campaign.

This large amount of money may in the end be just a waste of money for one of these candidates-there can only be one president.

It’s a ridiculous amount of money to just be taking a chance with.

There are so many other things that this money could be spent on.

It’s a fact that some of this money can be better spent on things like our school systems, cancer or disease research, give the money to those who need it the most-our people.

These politicians should be building up our country by taking action, they have the power to change our country.

They have the money to help out our communities. It’s not a waste of money to run for president, but it’s a waste of money when it’s millions and millions of dollars being thrown away for one person.

Presidential races shouldn’t be based on how much money each candidate has, it should be based on things like their qualities and skills that show they are qualified for the job.

It’s not right to base one’s chance to win on money, let alone use all that money that could be better spent on the people who need it most-our country.

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