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By Andrea Martinez

By Andrea Martinez

First, people said that this generation is one of the laziest. Now we are the biggest jerks of all generations. We certainly are! I can name you a dozen jerks from off the top of my head-not really. We aren’t jerks, are we?

A recent study done by psychologists says this generation has become more self-centered than any other generation. The study was done on a group of college students across the nation. According to the study, technology and self-esteem issues are to blame. That sounds familiar. Technology has been blamed for laziness which leads to obesity, which leads to a lot of other things. It’s basically the central cause of this generation’s problems.

It’s unfair to say that we are jerks, but to blame it on technology is even more ridiculous.

Enough is enough. If anything’s to blame for us being self-centered, it’s the people around us. It’s our parents or guardians who raised us and molded us into what we are. It’s their job to teach us our morals and values, not technology’s.

Technology has nothing to do with us being self-centered jerks. The times have changed and will continue to change. There’s nothing we can do about things modifying. But, I can admit that we aren’t as involved as we should be.

It’s very rare that you hear of stories on the news about anyone from this generation helping out their community or fighting to save our environment.

If anything, there should be an increase of people giving back to the community and fighting for our environment, because it’s becoming worse.

With the technology and resources given to us, we should be fighting to keep our environment clean rather than chatting on-line all day or playing video games.

The world has had its share of jerks and selfish people throughout the years, but apparently, among this generation, we have the most.

We are just mean and selfish people with self-esteem issues. We get no sun, we don’t know what it feels like to help others and we are constantly cranky and rude. And the central cause is none other than technology.

This generation is moving on to bigger and better things. We will succeed. If anything technology has become a positive thing, it’s a rather large and important resource for us.

It’s such a broad and negative thing to say about this entire generation. It’s not true either.

There are some jerks out there and there always will be-so get over it! But there are some really positive and accomplished people, too.

Either that study was done with a group of mean college students or those were some really mean psychologists.

All there really is to say is that we are not self-centered jerks. So, let’s prove them wrong.

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