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Emergency phones installed

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By Marco Antonio Flores

The newly installed emergency telephones on campus, which are currently out of order. (Christopher Ullyott)

By Marco Antonio Flores

Are you ever afraid that someone is following you across campus? Due to the recent upgrade in campus security, such feelings may now be alleviated.

Sergeant Jack Kohlmeier of the RCC police department has led the way in the introduction of emergency telephones on each RCC campus, fifteen on the Riverside campus alone.

According to Kohlmeier, having access to fifteen emergency call boxes throughout our campus provides instant access to the police department.

Simply by picking up the phone, any report of suspicious behavior can be immediately investigated.

Such easy access to the school’s Police also reduces the risk of vandalism.

“The emergency call boxes don’t guarantee a safer campus,” Sergeant Jack Kohlmeier said. “They provide a quick guide to get in touch,”

Recently, several of the call boxes have faced technical difficulties.

“It’s a waste of money if it’s not even working,” Walter Salaberria, a student at RCC, said in passing.

Despite the troubles, Kohlmeier remained resolute.

“The vendor is working with our telecommunications personnel to resolve this issues,” Kohlmeier said.

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