RCC Homecoming 2006

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By Rachel Nading

By Rachel Nading

The smell of pizza, hot dogs, and popcorn filled the warm night air as the Riverside City College football team stepped onto Wheelock Field. The Tigers played the Fullerton Hornets Nov. 4 for the annual homecoming game.

The game started with a bang as RCC running back Joshua Miller and wide receiver Josh Gibson both made touchdowns, leaving the score 17-13 at halftime.

The halftime show sparked the interest of the crowd. As the master of ceremonies brought the crowd in, dancers entertained onlookers with their extravagant costumes and a well-rehearsed routine.

With the band in the background, the dance team showed off their skills with a well-choreographed routine.

The final routine had the Marching Tigers playing a song from the movie “Moulin Rouge” as the performers performed a skit from the movie.

In the third quarter of the game, Richard Murrell scored a three yard touchdown making that Riverside’s final touchdown of the evening. The Hornets scored early in the fourth quarter but never posed a threat after that. The final score was 24-20 in favor of RCC.

“We played to our fullest, we came back and punched them in the mouth,” offensive lineman Ryan Henry said after the game.

With a season record of 4-5, the team remained positive about their experiences for the season.

“We played hard this season. We’ve had some tough breaks, but we’re a strong team,” Henry said.

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