Mr. Perfect: Shut up

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By Anthony Whitacre

By Anthony Whitacre

I would like to say “shut up” to all those people who sit in the back of their classes ignoring what’s going on and talk on their phones while other perfect people are trying to learn.

It got old in high school. You know, the people who sat in the back of class who blabbed on their cell phones while you were trying to learn whatever the teacher was trying to teach.

Now that we are in a higher learning establishment you would think that the whole cell phone deal would have stopped.

In one of my classes there is this girl who sits in back and talks into her cell phone like no one can hear her.

For perfect people everywhere this can become a nuisance. Education is important. What this chica and her friend did last night at the kickback where everyone got high and wasted is not.

“No, you were way more wasted than I was,” I hear her laugh in the background.

First off, I would just like to say close the phones and get your education. Do you really want to spend another semester in the class because you missed what was going on? This goes out to all cell phone talkers everywhere. Stop wasting the battery and turn the phone off.

Now I know how important having a cell phone is. I have one and use it often. Yet you’ll never catch me talking on it while the instructor’s talking. It’s disrespectful and a major distraction to everyone else.

Besides, does everyone need to know that you were up late last night studying for a test? Well, no wonder you were up late. You obviously weren’t paying attention in class. Duh! Connect the dots people. It isn’t rocket science to know that paying attention in class helps get good grades.

So if one would put two and two together you’d get the right answer. Paying attention in class causes good grades.

I mean how rude is that? Think about it. People in class are actually trying to learn and listen to the teacher. You would think people would have the common courtesy to not be stupid and gab on a phone that isn’t permitted in class anyway.

Now I know some instructors may not care what you are doing because you are paying to be sitting in their class. What people do inside of the class room is their business. If they want to blow $26 dollars per unit that is their prerogative. They just shouldn’t disrupt the people who actually want to pay attention and get their money’s worth.

So to those who talk on their phones in class: don’t. It’s imperfect people like that who ruin the knowledge of perfect people. Even though we’re perfect and our knowledge can’t be ruined, but that’s not the point. The point is that your business is your own so keep it that way.

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