Book Review: The Alphabet of Manliness

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By Tyler Davidson

By Tyler Davidson

Maddox might just be the manliest man you’ll ever come across.

Honestly, would you expect anything else from the author of “The Alphabet of Manliness?”

Maddox, real name George Ouzounian, has been running his Web Site, “The Best Page in the Universe” (look it up at, for just under a decade now, and with each article, both his fan base as well as his detractor base continue to grow and grow.

The University of Utah graduate gained initial fame when he released an article lambasting children’s artwork entitled simply, “I am better than your kids,” and he has subsequently spewed forth his verbal venom on topics from the lighter end of the spectrum, such as Star Wars and comic books, to downright offensive topics, like one article in which Maddox bashed a post-mortem Christopher Reeve. That could’ve been a crippling business move.

The obvious controversy notwithstanding, Maddox hasn’t spent a cent on advertising, and in 2003, still managed to generate more web traffic than world renowned corporations like Pepsi and McDonald’s.

Thus, it came as no surprise when, in 2005, Maddox announced that he would be penning his first book.

Published nearly a year and a half later, this book would be known as, “The Alphabet of Manliness;” over 200 pages of something styled like a children’s book (“V is for Violence, Z is for Zombies,” etc.), but it is definitely anything but.

Don’t just write this book off as a collection of sophomoric humor that is beneath anyone with common sense.

After its initial release in June, “The Alphabet of Manliness” reached as high as No. 2 on the New York Times Best Seller list, under the category of Hardcover Advice/Other.

Maddox’s work has fallen into a brand new genre of literature.

This category, dubbed “fratire” by the New York Times, reaches out to the alpha male in us all. It is dedicated to the most basic of male desires: food, drink, women, and drink.

The label of “fratire” is shared by Maddox’s close friend and fellow bestselling author, Tucker Max, whose Web Site ( may be the only contender to Maddox’s “Most Offensive” title.

With sections on things like beef jerky, hot sauce, and the now-legendary Chuck Norris, “The Alphabet of Manliness” is a hilarious read that, once started, is near impossible to put down.

Maddox’s overzealous nature and over the top writing style shine through, but don’t overdo it, treading the fine line between comedy and out-and-out silliness.

The book had me chuckling before I even started reading, as Maddox dedicates it to “the love of my life, my soul mate, and the greatest person in the world.”

Of course, he is talking about himself.

While it contains elements that may be highly offensive to some and are most definitely not suitable for children, “The Alphabet of Manliness” is a highly entertaining read that is not to be taken too seriously.

From the self-dedication at the outset of the book to the hate-mail adorning the back cover (“I think you’re a terrible person and I hope you get some psychiatric help. Go to hell.”), this book will have you scrambling to beef up your own manliness in no time.

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