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Arrests hamper Halloween Town fun

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By William Clark

By William Clark

Halloween Town, a yearly Riverside Community College event, should have been a peaceful evening of trick-or-treating and of children and their parents enjoying a quiet and fun evening of candy, costumes, and jack-o-lanterns.

But the peaceful evening was violently interrupted by a disturbance on Oct 27 involving disruptions from a drunken participant, culminating in two arrests.

According to reports logged with the RCC Police Department, Kevin Smith was arrested outside the gates of Halloween Town for drunk and disorderly conduct. An unidentified female, believed to be Smith’s live-in girlfriend, was also taken into custody for attempting to interfere with an arrest. The arresting officer, Robert Kleveno, supervisor of College Safety & Police, said Smith has an outstanding warrant and is also on parole. 

Witnesses said Smith forced his way to the front of the line and demanded that he, his girlfriend, and her children be admitted into Halloween Town ahead of another guest. When told he would have to wait in line, Smith became belligerent and attempted to push his way through the gated entrance. A brief scuffle with security ensued and police officers were summoned. 

One witness, who preferred to remain anonymous, said Smith appeared to be quite inebriated. When Smith and his family were refused entrance, he launched into a tirade, cursing and shouting at security and police officers. 

“I can’t believe the stuff he was saying, and in front of the kids, too. I didn’t bring my kids here to hear that kind of garbage. If I wanted them to hear talk like that we’d stay at home and watch cable,” the witness said. 

Officer Kleveno said he regrets that parents and children had to witness the altercation. “I had to arrest [Smith]. The minute I walked up on him I could smell the alcohol all over him. The kids come here to have a good time. My own kids are here tonight. They shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of behavior. But what can you do?”

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