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Fastpitch: How has the season started?

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By Kevin Hudec

Stephany Aguilar hits a foul ball during the game on Feb. 5 against Cerritos College. (Rebekah Elliot)

By Kevin Hudec

The fastpitch team started out this year extremely hot.

The team has managed to start its season with a record of 4-2. The two losses came from a ranked team and a team who has yet to give up an earned run.

The season so far has seen Stephany Aguilar, a returning sophomore, emerge as the team leader with the highest batting average, most runs, most home runs, most runs batted in and tied for the highest fielding percentage. She has hit an impressive .500 and has a fielding percentage of 100 percent. The 100 percent fielding has her tied for the team lead with Quinn Redman, Diana Torres, Andria Briones, Leesa Galvan and Ashley Camarena. All this after Aguilar’s freshman season which saw her perform so well that she made All League as a freshman despite last year not being a great year overall for the team.

The team is outscoring its opponents 39-18 on the season. The team has managed to keep a fielding average of just above 92 percent. Meanwhile, the team batting average is .335 and the pitchers have been holding the opposing teams to only a .275.

Despite all this, don’t think that the team is only about the statistics.

“We would like to keep the batting average above .300,” coach Michelle Daddona-Moya said. “The statistics aren’t really what we want the girls looking at.”

This season has high hopes for this team, with the team getting together and deciding on its goals this season and not only agreed on attempting to keep their grades high, but also taking each series one at a time until they can be in the final two at the state tournament. This season definitely is shaping up to be a great year, according to Daddona-Moya.

“This is the best team I’ve ever had here at Riverside City College, and may even be better than any team the prior coach had,” she said.

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