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Volleyball fades out

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By Rachel Nading

By Rachel Nading

The Riverside City College volleyball team played its last home game of the season Nov. 15 against Golden West.

With new head coach Gigi Tisdom leading the team, the Tigers have had a average record this season, charting 11-9 for their overall season.

“We’re a strong team; we really stepped it up this season and changed the look for RCC,” Lindsey Whitlock said.

Golden West trailed behind the Tigers by one point each game, only to stage a comeback and win all four games.

In the first game, RCC scored 14 points in the first 15 minutes while Golden West answered with 11. It was a close game, with RCC bringing the score up to 19-20. With a three person block RCC finally got the block but missed the next save making the final score 30-26 in favor of Golden West.

The second game started off with Staci Vanden making a sliding save to add a point. A great block by Figueroa scored another point. Despite the great offensive playing of the Tigers, the final score was in favor of Golden West 30-26.

A combination of good offense and defense kept Golden West in the lead the entire game. Golden West had a 10- point lead over RCC at the buzzer. The Tigers came back after the buzzer tying it up but in the end fell to the Rustlers, making the final score 30-17 in Golden West’s favor.

In the final game, the Tigers came back to play hard after the loss of the third game. Golden West missed some important hits and blocks. Sara Baker got the ball stuck in the net but got it out making a much needed point for the Tigers.

After the first half, Golden West caught up, making the score 22-20. The Rustlers came back from RCC’s 10-point lead to make it a tie and came back to take it from the Tigers. The final score was 24-30.

“It could have gone better,” Figueroa said about the night’s game.

All the teams the Tigers played were easy to beat, mentioned Figueroa. Even though the Tigers had their set of ups and downs this season most of the players have had a good season and said they had a great coach.

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