‘Requiem’ for a Dream: Our Last Requiem rocks The Vibe

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By Tyler Davidson

By Tyler Davidson

Piercing green laser lights and the heavy outpour of an industrial fog machine fill The Vibe in downtown Riverside.

A small but loyal crowd gathers round and, having waited almost an hour and a half since doors opened, is becoming a bit restless. Metal, hardcore, and punk fans alike come to see their money’s worth, and prepare themselves for the show as five men take the stage.

This is Our Last Requiem.

The band wastes no time launching into their first song, a guitar-driven power piece entitled “O’ Worthiest Cousin.” Within a matter of seconds, the crowd is entranced. Some choose to silently enjoy the performance, while others (myself included) bang their heads and devote their energy to connecting with those on stage.

When hearing songs like “O’ Worthiest Cousin” and “Spirit Song,” one is instantly reminded of other prominent metal and hardcore acts, bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Thrice; bands that have been basking in the recent metal resurgence.

Danny Neff, lead vocalist for Our Last Requiem, can scream if need be but also adds an amazing melodic quality to the songs.

An interesting aspect to note about the band is that every member of the quintet provides backing vocals in one way or another. Brian Kiphut, drummer for the group, can often be heard screaming into his microphone from behind the drum kit.

Bassist Jon Maxwell is able to provide a nice contrasting vocal style on occasion.

Neff’s vocals perfectly complement Steven Palmer & Jon Harris’s blazing guitar skills.

Our Last Requiem offers guitar solos reminiscent of bands like Avenged Sevenfold in their complexity and high quality, and when backed by Brian’s drumming, are a most powerful tool.

The two- year -old band, which before becoming Our Last Requiem was known as Under Cover of Darkness, cites musical influences from across the rock spectrum, ranging from recent rock successes like AFI and Trivium all the way to older, more classical rock acts such as Queen and David Bowie.

Earlier this year, the band entered the Vans’ Warped Tour’s “Battle of the Bands” for a chance to play on the Ernie Ball stage of the annual tour. In addition to The Vibe, the group has played all over southern California, in venues such as the Showcase in Corona and the Reflections Concert Venue in Victorville.

Our Last Requiem is getting ready to release an EP seven tracks deep, entitled “Shadows on the Wall.”

Any hardcore, punk, or metal fan would definitely be referred to this band, as it is only a matter of time before the rock scene starts seeing them rise to bigger and better things. You can check out Our Last Requiem on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/ourlastrequiem.

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