Mr. Perfect: The final countdown

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By Anthony Whitacre

By Anthony Whitacre

The end is near.

The end of this semester is coming to a close and with it myself. So here are something’s that have to happen before I go.

Number one, study for finals.

I love it how many people blow off studying because they think they can study the night before finals and learn everything in a few hours which they were supposed to learn over the semester. It’s downright daredevilish. I don’t know too many people who can do that and pull it off.

There’s nothing more irresponsible and imperfect like a college student blowing off their finals to party. You’d think that someone with half a brain would at least wait till afterwards. Yet, college students these days, it’s really hard to tell who has what.

Perfect people like myself do great on our finals because we know how to prepare. I might as well let everyone in on the secrets to a successful semester.

If you’re going to go stay out late and get drunk wait till after finals week. The stress on the body can make you weary and the effects of alcohol and sleep deprivation linger. I once knew a guy who stayed out late partying before a big test once. He bombed the test worse than Ashlee Simpson’s infamous performance on “Saturday Night Live” where she got caught lip synching. Yes, it was that bad.

A lesson he learned is that partying and big tests do not go well together.

Another big no no, is eating junk food. If you want to do well at anything it is always wise to eat nutritious food. Some of the food college students eat could be compared to the slop that pigs eat in a barn.

Fresh fruit and other nutritious health snacks will get the brain pumping and working harder while you study for finals.

Now I know not everyone has Emeril cooking for them in their kitchen like all those famous celebrities who can afford him. So for people with hardly any money, they can try to choose the healthy items on the McDonalds or Jack in the Box dollar menu.

So besides studying for finals another thing to be take care of is the holidays.

Spend some time with the family and cherish them.

The last thing I would like to write is that it’s been a great semester. There has been so much happening on campus such as the opening of the parking structure, the deaths of people we’ve loved and cherished, and Daniel Castro trying to leave RCC for Long Beach City College. So this will be my last time being Mr. Perfect.

He’s going to the Hawaiian Islands to sip mimosas and strawberry daiquiris.

So to an imperfect world, stay safe, smart, and even though you’ll never be perfect like me….I was going to say try to be perfect but it’ll never happen.

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