Loving the mechanical, inorganic

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By Daniel Archuleta

By Daniel Archuleta

The future of this almost great nation will rely on the youth. The educational system is the frontlines when it comes to instilling the hegemony of our rulers. The system we rely on to educate and baby-sit our children is inherently flawed. Eric Fromm’s idea of “necrophily,” or the love of what is mechanical and inorganic, is an intentional byproduct of a discriminatory educational system. It is the discrimination of low expectations, where poor schools stress obedience and submission over creativity.

The discrimination the poor face is subtle, what Paulo Freire calls the “banking concept of education,” where students are the objects and teachers are the narrators. We are filled with knowledge while sitting on the bleachers of life, sole spectators. The only hope of connecting to the world is the lifeless temptation of money and the material objects it can purchase. With it, we can procure a piece of the earth, but never freedom from the shackles of the mind.

A place where this discrimination becomes apparent is in the universities of this country. A place where the socioeconomic status rather than race plays a bigger part in the quality of education received. In Daniel Golden’s book “The Price of Admission: How America’s Ruling Class Buys Its Way Into Elite Colleges-and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates,” he reveals that social mobility in the U.S. is worse than most European countries and the reason may be the socially exclusive University system. The rich have instilled this type of discrimination in every aspect of the educational system.

A poor child who refuses to conform grows up in the educational system being unchallenged, holding information that leaves him feeling alienated, small and helpless. One thing that is learned is success, being someone, obtaining a piece of the apple pie. The goal of success doesn’t change only the means of attaining it. Because someone can’t make it to class on time or memorize information and regurgitate it on a test doesn’t mean they are not entitled to every advantage a wealthy person gets. It’s not the education, it’s the bank account.

We have created a bunch of innovative, “necrophilous” human beings who consume. The only real motivation towards education is to attain a better job in order to consume more. Those left out of the educational process want the same, so they steal, sell drugs, and pimp women in order to consume more. We are the oppressed emulating the oppressors.

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