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Coffee Depot offers beans books, blues

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By Eui-jo Marquez

By Eui-jo Marquez

Are you tired, rundown, or listless? It’s Monday afternoon, you’re in between classes and you need a new scene.

If you want to get away from campus for a little pick me up, Coffee Depot is the perfect place. Open daily at 5:45 a.m., it’s a short drive to the old Union Pacific Train Depot on Mission Inn Avenue.

Why Coffee Depot? Starbucks is great if you have your favorite drink picked out and you want it fast, but Coffee Depot offers a less commercial, independent vibe.

Coffee Depot is laid-back. The owners are young, many of the employees are RCC students and they offer a wide selection of drinks, pastries and sandwiches.

Monday through Thursday, Coffee Depot is open until 11 p.m., and most nights offer live music, dance lessons or comedy.

Coffee Depot has an upbeat vibe, with both locations in upbeat areas close to campus.

It’s almost like hanging out at your friend’s place while his parents are away on vacation.

But it’s also a place to study and chill. Ask the old guy reading in the recliner with his feet up.

You’ll find bookshelves with real books, dated National Geographics and information about local underground music and events. It’s a place to meet people and become inspired. You might find a guidebook or map for someplace you’ve always wanted to go.

For the brave of heart, every Thursday is open mic night at the downtown depot. And at the Riverside Plaza location it’s every Tuesday.

Step into the downtown Depot’s performance area any Thursday night and you can hear a young emo duo, or a world-weary, raspy-voiced guitar player, sing about lost loves.

Or sit outside, where two older men jam “Stray Cat Strut” on guitars.

So next time you could go for a croissant, hot chocolate, and some musical nourishment, head to your local Coffee Depot and kick it with some like-minded souls.

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