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Instructors bare it all

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By Chris Wolf

By Chris Wolf

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Surprise! Our professors are talented. No, really, go see for yourself.

The Landis Art Center Gallery has some excellent art pieces on display, ranging from pastel to pottery, from acrylic to xerox transfer, literally baring the souls of these artists/educators for our viewing pleasure.

The pieces in the exhibit range from oil and watercolor paintings, digital photography to sculptures. I even saw a piece that was painted on fiberglass.

Since I only have a bare bones education, art wise, I was really wondering whether I would enjoy the pieces on display. I honestly doubted I would. I’m happy to say, I was dead wrong.

Photography instructor Nancy Gall’s photos were jaw dropping, and I enjoyed David Rosales’ “Battle,” as well as “the Art Critic,” which Gallery Coordinator Leslie Brown observed with a sense of urban, almost “graffiti” art, calling his style “facile” and “technically adept.”

“John Hopkins Glacier Calving-2005” is worth the trip in itself. It took perfect timing to capture, and I just had to ask how it was done. The artist, Nancy Gall, took it aboard a tour boat, and she only had to wait “about an hour,” which she considered “extremely lucky.”

Art instructor Robert Jew’s credentials attest to just how talented our staff is. His piece, “The 1997 official international earth day celebration poster”, hung in every U.S. embassy. If that’s not enough, a Disneyworld attraction, Disney Quest, has a portion of the ride dedicated to his art style.

His Earth Day poster is impressive in my eyes, not only for its vibrant green plant life, but also for its meticulous detail.

The Landis Art Center Gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every weekday until Oct. 5. I highly recommend you try to visit it, at least once.

I’ve found myself browsing the gallery in between classes this week; it helped me relax and tune out for a couple of needed minutes. Minutes you may need as well.

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