Mr. Perfect: Parking problems, survival of the fittest

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By Anthony Whitacre

By Anthony Whitacre

These days finding a parking space on campus can be a struggle of Darwinian proportion.

The parking here at RCC has been truly atrocious.

The only thing everyone is waiting for is that big parking structure being built next to the football field. Hopefully, it will be able to make up for the parking spaces the school lost.

But in the meantime, students have become more than edgy when it comes to finding a parking spot.

These days parking isn’t only a means to get to class on time. It is like an episode of “Survivor” where the contestants do what they can to undermine the competition and win the prize. The tactics are many, like stalking someone for his or her parking spot or tailing someone in a race to reach the spot where a person is emerging. And don’t forget speeding down a lane with a 5 mph speed limit trying to find a spot. It’s a surprise there haven’t been any casualties.

Perfect people such as myself can always find parking. It’s in our nature.

Other people, who are not me, may have trouble when it comes to finding a spot to park their cars.

The parking lots here are small for the major amount of people attending RCC.

So what happens when you have a bunch of people and like four parking spots left? It becomes musical chairs. But in this atmosphere, the parking lot may not be as safe as it should be.

Some of these complications may include bouts of fighting or angry shouting matches about who parked in someone else’s spot.

I’ve met a lot of people who think they have special parking privileges and the spot in which they park is automatically theirs. In a school with this many students, no one can claim a spot in a public area. It’s just ridiculous. That’s like Star Jones claiming she still belongs on “The View.”

Now, the parking spots do not have people’s names on them so nobody can claim a spot. Of course, when people have to drive around for 30-40 minutes, who wouldn’t be cranky and itching to find a space so they can get to class on time?

This crisis to find a parking spot could lead to arguments and spats over who was there first. Recently, there was a fist fight between people over a spot. These poor imperfect people, if only they could be shown the light and not fight over something so trivial. It’s a parking spot. They come and go like my exes. It’s just a way of life.

People who can’t find parking just have to go with the flow and wait until one opens up. Try getting to school an hour or so before the major class starts. That may help someone who keeps having parking problems.

There are only a few months left so people need to be patient. The parking crisis may come to an end once the structure is completed. Once this brand new parking structure is complete maybe everyone can have a slice of perfect.

…Maybe not.

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