Mr. Perfect: Get a job

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By Anthony Whitacre

By Anthony Whitacre

For a perfect person, finding a job is a snap, but for non-perfect people (those who are not me), rough time may lie ahead.

First off, the job market is very picky when it comes to who they hire. Now, if it’s a job where you’re going to be shoveling horse poop all day, they don’t really care but I doubt most people are interested in that. If you are, please see a psychologist.

I know that many Riverside City College students are seeking help finding jobs. They can find help at the Job Placement Center, located in the Tech A building Room 104.

But for all you lazy people who don’t know where that is or don’t care, stop whining because you don’t have a job. At least make an effort.

I can’t stand whinny people complaining how they have no job and they don’t do anything about it. Either put up or shut up.

Riverside is loaded with job opportunities. The best places are malls, plazas and other locations where there’s a strip with a bunch of stores. Maybe someone seeking a job can get hired there if they look.

So let’s say you checked everywhere and no one wants to hire you. I guess you’re out of luck. I guess it’s just not your time to get a job. Maybe since no one is as perfect as I am then you’ll never get a job.

In the case you do get hired, then good job.

Back to those people who complain and whine like my ex about how they can’t get a job. There are two words that you need to know: Fast food.

People might hate to work in a fast food joint serving weird people at strange times in the night, but this may be the only option that will cure the “job wanted” disease.

Remember, if this is the path you take, good luck. You’ll never catch me working at a fast food joint. Yuck! Serving the public is not something perfect people do. We get served.

A great way to look up jobs is to go online. Web sites like allow you to search for jobs in your area. The Internet is loaded with all kinds of Web sites filled with different job search engines.

Don’t be lazy and just sit around. Is that how Michelangelo got his job to paint the Sistine Chapel? Was that how Winona Ryder got caught for shoplifting? No. They took action by doing something about it. They didn’t sit and whine. Well, Wynona did after she got caught but that’s not today’s topic.

Anywho, no one should be a lazy daisy and soak in the sun. Get out there and work your butt off to get one. If you want a job really bad do something about it. Sitting around is for losers. Getting jobs is for winners.

Remember, not everyone can be perfect. Deal with it.

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