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By Johnathan Kroncke

By Johnathan Kroncke

The Electronic Entertainment Expo hit Los Angeles on May 9-11, and it was huge.

Thousands of gamers and industry representatives flocked to the L.A. Convention Center to be the first to try out the new games and systems before they hit the shelves.

Sony was on hand to provide convention-goers with a first look at its highly anticipated PlayStation 3 as well as a plethora of new games for the PS2 and PSP systems.

“God of War 2” for the PS2 garnered plenty of attention while “Field Commander” blew PSP fans away.

This year, gamers got another chance to see a new system when Nintendo showcased the Wii.

Despite the goofy name, there was more excitement surrounding the Wii than anything else.

Microsoft showed off the newest titles yet to be released for the XBOX 360 as well as some wicked new designs available to customize your system.

However, the main event for XBOX fans was the “Halo 3” trailer, tentatively scheduled for a 2007 release.

The stars came out for E3 also.

Adam West made an appearance to promote the new “Family Guy” game and sign autographs of his character on the show.

Paris Hilton also showed up to promote her new game designed for mobile phones.

If only she had said the correct name of the game, her appearance might have been a little less embarrassing.

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