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By Diana Ybarra

By Diana Ybarra

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a different culture and earn transferable units at the same time, then the Riverside City College Study Abroad program is for you.

Jan Schall, who is the RCC Study Abroad coordinator, said that students have a positive experience while they are in the program.

“Students are given opportunity to earn academic credit with (the) college district while experiencing daily life and culture in another society,” Schall said. “A lot of things happen to them politically, culturally, and socially. Above all it changes their world view.”

The Study Abroad program at RCC welcomes all ages in their overseas college adventures.

The programs are priced differently. The cost for a full semester program would be about $6,300 and the cost for a shorter program ranges from about $2,700 to $3,500. Also, if a student gets financial aid or has scholarship money, it can be used to pay for some of the program. A grade point average of 2.2 is also required.

Schall said that there are a lot of interesting facts that a student can’t find in the brochures.

“15 marriages have come out of the Oxford trips, and one marriage out of Italy,” Schall said.

There haven’t only been marital successes that have come out of the program, but also academic successes.

“Three students have returned to Oxford and are living and working there,” Schall added. “We also have three students who are working on their Masters Degree at the University of Rome.”

Although Rome and Oxford seem to be the most mentioned cities as to where the Study Abroad program takes students, the program also ventures to other countries such as Costa Rica, Spain, France, Japan and Mexico.

This summer the students are going to go to Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Italy.

There are a few spaces left for any interested students.

“Students come back changed individuals,” Schall said. “In one way, I think they appreciate things they may not have.”

For more information contact Jan Schall 951-222-8340 or e-mail her at janschall@rcc.edu.

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