Segregation returns to the United States

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By Adrian Pascua

By Adrian Pascua

Segregation is no longer American history.

It is slowly becoming the present and the unfortunate future.

Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill on April 13 to redraw the school district lines to make it so that it will go to three separate school districts instead of one.

The white students will have their own school district, the black students will have theirs and Hispanics students will have theirs.

This will put the white students into seperate schools, while the other minorities are left with public schools within their neighborhoods.

Governor Dave Heineman signed the measure into law on April 13, the same day the bill was passed.

The breakup will not occur until 2008, but it isn’t something we should look forward to.

However, not everybody feels that way. Sen. Ernie Chambers, the Legislature’s only black senator, said that there is no intent for segregation.

How can anyone say that when the school districts are being divided purely by race and no other reason?

In Gov. Heineman’s defense, each district will be free to choose their school boards, but is that really enough?

I’m a little rusty on my American history, but the only thing that I remember from segregation is racism, learning about hate, something that I don’t want any of my children to live through.

Racism is hard enough to deal with right now, but separate school districts are just asking for it.

America should be teaching its students to live with one another, even if skin color doesn’t match all the time.

What happened to peaceful coexistence within one community?

I’ve seen enough hate for one life time.

We start wars and then send our sons and daughters to fight, to claim freedom.

For what, so they can send their children to a segregated school district?

No solider should have to come home to that.

Sen. Pat Bourne of Nebraska is saying that it would set the state back 20 years.

I think if a law like this was to pass it would set our nation back even farther.

If this law is passed, you have to start to wonder what kind of nation we have become.

It won’t be a united nation, but a nation where we are separate from one another.

What would stop such a law to spread across the nation?

If one state falls, the rest might as well fall in line…

I don’t remember much from what I learned about the 1960s, but what I did learn from it, everyone should: Segregation is a crime against human rights.

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