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Winter Guards excite RCC

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By Diana Ybarra

By Diana Ybarra

The Wheelock Gymnasium’s floor was painted in vibrant colors during the 2006 Winter Guard performances March 30. Schools from Pomona, Palm Desert, Riverside, Placienta, Redlands and Demante put on spectacular performances with their high flying flags and amazing props.

Palm Middle School and Palm Desert Middle School were the only two middle schools that performed that night. The audience cheered the young Winter Guard teams on while they entertained the crowd with their synchronized choreography.

The performances put on by the high schools were well liked by the crowd as well. While some of the schools chose to put on performances that lacked a clear theme other schools pushed themes that were clearly evident. The two schools that took this approach were Pomona High School’s Varsity Winter Guard and Demante High School.

Pomona High School’s theme was “Wind, Water, Earth, Fire.” The gymnasium floor was covered in a mat with a color and vibrant circle that was left of center. The music and choreography matched the title and theme of the performance.

“I really liked Pomona’s take on the elements,” said spectator Mallori Oakden. “They were the first school to come out tonight with a clear message.”

Demante High School depicted the urgency and eagerness for the fall of the Berlin Wall. Tall cardboard was painted to resemble a stone wall; black ladders and pounding music added to the effect of Demante’s performance.

“It was exciting and intense,” said spectator Elvira Price. “They included the audience in their performance by acting as if the Berlin Wall were being taken down at that present time.”

The last performance of the night was given by RCC’s very own drum line. It was very late and if some of the crowd were already half asleep they were definitely awakened by the forceful beat delivered by the drums.

The drum line came out in matching black. Every move and every beat was precise and on time. This performance was definitely a crowd favorite by the standing ovation the audience gave.

The night was full of excitement and awe. It was something that was unexpected, but definitely enjoyable.

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