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By Adrian Pascua

A student faces off with activist Paul Mitchell in front of the Martin Luther King Learning and Technology building.

By Adrian Pascua

“God hates homosexuals; you’re all going to burn in hell. REPENT!”

This was the kind of nonsense that was being spouted April 20 by Paul Mitchell, who just so happened to pull this stunt last year.

He drew quite the crowd this semester. All who heard him speak, went from peaceful to irritated to just plain angry. He was using the word of God as an excuse for him to tell us how to live our lives.

As he spoke, he told of how, as college students, things like individuality are wrong, and that we should all be like him. Saying everything we are doing is wrong, that we need to repent for being homosexuals and individuals; that nothing was going to save us from the fires of hell and God’s wrath.

OK, I’m a Catholic and a volunteer at my church, and so are some of my friends, who are also Riverside City College students, but I can’t seem to be able to find it in the Bible where God tells me that choosing a “gay lifestyle” is wrong, or where it says we are wrong for being young.

He only enraged the crowd by saying that our generation is hopeless.

Mitchell even went as far as telling a girl that God didn’t love her, after only speaking to him, bringing the poor girl to tears.

Even after being attacked by one of the students here at, RCC, he did not stop his ranting. He continued to repeat everything that he’d been saying since last year, for almost an hour.

“God doesn’t hate the sinner, he hates the sin” said Rebecca Stone, a student at RCC.

She was the one to help calm the crowd after he was told to sit down by our campus police.

He might have had the right idea in trying to preach the word of God, but he also taught the ways of hate.

By saying that God hates homosexuals, he says that homosexuality is unacceptable and should not be allowed in this world. Our choices are our own, our ideas are our own.

What we think or what we say should only matter to us. We can’t judge, any one person because we feel that we are right, which is what Mitchell was doing.

His words were filled with hate, teaching of intolerance, instead of acceptance like any man of God would.

Anyone that listened to him speak was could tell he was not speaking of a benevolent God, but a God that hates the individuality that we were all born with.

It is beyond me to think that any good Christian man, women or child could even be so closed minded and closed hearted to anyone just because they are different.

If you ask me, I really think that he needs Jesus.

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