California’s 200 year old debate: Pro-Life

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By Adrian Pascua*

By Adrian Pascua*

Salt poisoning, prostaglandin, suction, partial birth, and Methotrexate, dilation and evacuation, these are the different types of abortion procedures. Each one is just as gruesome as the next. From cutting the human life apart piece by piece to poisoning, to even sucking out the brain as it’s born.

The governor of South Dakota, Governor Mike Rounds passed a bill on March 6 that will make abortion illegal in the state. Even if a woman is raped, the only means for an abortion would be if the mother’s life is at risk.

Abortion has been a long debated subject since the Roe vs. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision. A woman’s life is her own, but the human life that she carries is in her hands as well.

Should the human life be punished even though it did not have a choice in being conceived?

“Even if the woman was raped, she can put the baby up for adoption, if it bothers her that much,” said Ashley Tanaka, a student at Riverside City College. “Just have the kid.”

Rounds had veto a similar bill in 2004. Since the bill’s veto in 2004, the state commissioned a task force to study the affects and psychology of abortion. The task force came to the conclusion that life begins at conception.

Despite the fact that there are numerous pregnancy counseling centers, most women will still look to abortion as their only option.

Even if the cause of death is an abortion, an autopsy might list the case of death as “overwhelming sepsis.” Due to the poisoning from abortion affecting the mothers blood tissues.

“Many of the volunteers here, who have had an abortion, as a teenager, could not have children later in life.” said Barbara Nelson, the office manager of Heartline Pregnancy Counseling, “A third of the women who have had an abortion, have actually considered suicide.”

Abortion may defend the women’s right to make a choice, but what about the rights of the unborn human life?

The ones who are the most defenseless in society, no one speaks for them.

That human life has a right to live, even if they are a mistake or the product of rape. As cruel as that sounds, everyone has a right to life, whether they are wanted or not. There is always another option, but some only want the easiest way out.

Abortions are inhumane; they take the lives of those who have not been able to live life. It’s an injustice that has been allowed to continue around the world. Life should not be thrown away so carelessly, it should be nurtured, whether it’s a mistake or not. We all have the right to life, so should those who are a “mistake” or who are “unwanted.”

*The above column was assigned and does not necessarily reflect the views of the writer.

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