California’s 200 year old debate: Pro-choice

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By Anthony Whitacre*

By Anthony Whitacre*

Women have gained the right to vote and equality to men.

So when a woman gets pregnant and decides that she’s not ready to have the baby and she wants an abortion, she is seen as a wretched evil person. Most people think it’s an easy choice to make.

“It’s not, because people judge you. They think you’re a bad person,” Riverside City College student Eliza Navarro said.

Equal rights?

Yeah sure.

To be ill prepared in the U.S. is a very bad thing. Especially for a newly expectant mother.

She has to take care of the child and provide for it. What if she can’t provide for herself?

How is she going to provide for a newborn child?

It’s never an easy choice.

Sometimes it takes days to contemplate the decision to give up the life that is growing inside.

Yet, what if having this baby means the young mother’s demise?

Is it better to give up your life for the expectant life you carry inside of you? Would you do it?

“I don’t think I would. It depends on the circumstances,” RCC student Clara Garcia said.

Honestly, it’s a rather difficult decision.

There are certain circumstances where you would give up your life or you wouldn’t. It depends on what you may leave behind in the process. Now is that an evil thing?

A mother willing to give up her life or to save her own life?

It seems like human survival.

Abortions aren’t evil. The women who get them are not going to hell. God does not have a special place for you to burn for the rest of your undead life.

On Jan. 22 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that all unborn human life was not legal persons. The unborn human life was property of the mother to keep or to abort if her health was in danger.

So if the human life inside of her was her property than what right does anyone have to say what she can do with it?

Society should have no say in any mother’s decision because it is not them carrying the child. It is the mother.

Now for all those people who believe abortion is immoral. Let’s pretend that it was your daughter who got raped and was now pregnant?

What if you don’t believe in adoption either? What would you do? Would you let her keep her baby knowing that it was one of the most traumatic experiences of her life?

What if it causes her to dwell deep in despair? Could you look at the child knowing where it came from?

That is why abortions should be up to the mother. It is her choice not her parents and not societies.

*The above column was assigned and does not necessarily reflect the views of the writer.

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