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Club rush welcomes students

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By Monique Larkin

By Monique Larkin

Some gifts are given for the sole purpose of the bribe.

For example, candy was given to entice people to join the Karate club here at Riverside City College during its annual Club Rush week that took place March 14-16 in the Bookstore promenade.

Club Rush week in all definition is a week solely dedicated to advertising the clubs that exist on campus and soliciting students to join them.

Rebecca Jonilionis sat outside the table that was set up for the Karate Club during the first day of club rush week. She stood in front of the cookies, pamphlets and a flyer which she had made just for the occasion that the club had on hand to give to students as gifts.

“This club helps you for the rest of your life,” Jonilionis said. “The people, who join this club, stay in this club.”

Jonilionis said that the Karate club is more than just karate.

Character building, on the other hand and physical education are the real gifts that are given to students involved in this club as Jonilionis pointed out.

“We are the most active club on campus,” Jonilionis said.

Several students milled around the Club Rush stage, and enjoyed the hot dogs given by RCC’s Latter-Day Saints Club, as well as the overflowing amount of candy that was on each and every table that was represented.

Michelle Schrokosch and Cheryl Maxwell stood in their Japanese animation garments as they advertised for the Anime Club.

These two girls were some of the few founding members and they agreed that joining a club at RCC helps students get more involved with other students as well as their college.

Both Anime members said that more students should be more informed about club rush so that they can have more members join their club.

Members of the International Club agreed.

“We are here to help students ease into the shock culture that foreign students tend to face, and to basically have fun here at RCC,” International Club member Danny Sancho said

Time and commitment often scares students away from joining a club on campus, but if the student knew that joining clubs like the RCC Graphix Club may help them in their future careers, may be more motivating.

Shirley Sharlton pointed out a photo album which shared some of the activities that the Graphix Club had done.

“There are many career opportunities like competitions that are in this club which can help you build resume points,” said Jeff Pearson who was also representing the Graphix Club.

One thing to keep in mind when joining a club, is that each of these clubs are here at this campus to unite students and get them involved with RCC and each other as Maxwell went on the say.

“It’s great to be around people who are interested in the same things that you are,” Maxwell said.

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