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Cartoons spark debate around the world

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By Elsa Escarcega

By Elsa Escarcega

Muhammad cartoons first published by Denmark Newspaper Jyllands-Posten caused controversy around the world.

The cartoons showed the prophet Muhammad as the cartoonists saw him; their personal view of the prophet was different of what Muslims think of him.

The cartoonists of the newpspaer drew Muhammad in a humorous caricature.

RCC student Malek Bendelhoum, member of the Muslim Student Association, feels strongly offended about Muhammad cartoons publicized in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

“The purpose of these cartoons is to stereotype Muslim communities by showing the Muhammad the prophet as a figure of violence with false affirmations of the prophet’s beliefs and action,” Bendelhoum said.

Bendelhoum also said he was in favor to protest about the cartoons but in a peaceful way like Muhammad would, because he said the prophet promoted peace.

He also said that as a Muslim he expects at least an apology from the cartoonists.

In contrast, Huda Aljord, adviser of Muslim Student Association said “Those cartoons don’t mean anything to me; for me the prophet is the prophet.”

She also mentioned that Muslims know that Muhammad was not what was shown in those cartoons, so she doesn’t care about it because she believes the people who made those cartoons made them for political reasons.

Michel Souder believes it is not wrong because it is freedom of speech.

“I think that is freedom of speech. If I don’t want to look at it (Muhammad cartoons) I wouldn’t look at it,” he said.

What may be right for some students could be wrong for others. RCC student Jillian Madden feels the Muhammad cartoons are an act of racism.

She said that the action of showing those cartoons is to make the Muslims look like terrorists.

RCC instructor Diana MacDougall said that the Muhammad cartoons are offensive, made with arrogance and ignorance of what it really means and what Muhammad is all about.

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