Third times a charm for ASRCC vice presidency

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By Timothy Guy

New Guy (Chris Dietrich)

By Timothy Guy

For the third time this year, we have a new vice president of ASRCC.

Anthony Muniz was confirmed by the Student Senate on Nov. 23, taking over the position from David Cooke who recently resigned, with a vote of 5-3 with two abstentions.

Muniz was one of two selections made to the senate by ASRCC President Ashley DiMuccio, the other was student senator Alexis Lopez Barahona.

“Anthony has always been more on the parliamentarian side, like ‘this is how it should be,”‘ DiMuccio said. “When I came in need of a vice president I was like, ‘well he really knows what he is doing,’ and I need someone who can pick up the senate and start over and put everyone on the right track.”

Muniz, who was a member of the Student Senate as well, will be the third vice president, following the exits of Cooke and originally elected Mike Gasca.

When asked how he felt about being confirmed as vice president, Muniz was impassioned.”I was excited. It was always something I dreamt of,” he said.

For someone who had just taken office, Muniz was ready to work with a huge goal in mind.”My goal is to have an effective senate as a whole,” he said. “It’s time we started representing the students.”

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