Focus on fashion: The bra revolution

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By Alexandra Chavez

By Alexandra Chavez

On Nov. 17 a revolution was started… a bra revolution to be exact.

Oprah Winfrey decided to do a show focusing on correct bra fit.  This show was to focus on the Nordstrom’s standard of full customer service and how that service is applied to a standard bra fitting.

Working at a lingerie department for half a year, I already know that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. 

Wrong size is not always the wrong cup, when in fact it is the bust-line measurement that is usually wrong. 

The measurement underneath the breast is vital in determining the correct size, once that is measured then it is time to focus on cup size.

For instance, I have customer’s whose bras ride up in the back-which most often can be seen through T-shirts and I consider very tacky. 

This simply means that the width is far too wide and takes away the purpose of a fully supportive bra. 

Measure the bust line-if it measures at 34 inches, don’t get a 34.  Always go one band size up to a 36. 

Always clasp the bra on the least tight hook, for a bra will stretch out overtime and that is what the two hooks are there for.Another pet peeve of mine is what I call the “double boob effect.”  Please don’t get a smaller cup thinking that is what will give a greater cleavage. 

Under a thin knit you can easily see the bra cutting into the breast tissue creating four unsightly lumps rather than two.  There are numerous bras and styles that still can create the cleavage look without having to purposely go one size down.

I recommend owning four bra styles that need to be replaced every six months.  The most important style is a “T-shirt” bra, meaning the cup is smooth and should be the color nude.  Don’t get a white bra thinking it won’t show though your white tees.  If anything it can be seen more easily and will end up a dingy white after a few washings. 

Another important bra should be basic black for your darker knits.  Lighter colors will show through.  Always have what I call a “Saturday night” bra.  A sexy black bra should be worn under thicker fabrics and sweaters. 

Even if no one else sees this hot piece of lingerie, wearing it and knowing you look sexy is a major confidence boost in itself.The final bra every woman must have is a sports bra.  Don’t buy a cheap standard bra that has no support.  Invest in one with under wire and a fabric that will wick away moisture. 

The reason I must stress a sports bra also is because other women wear everyday bras during a workout. 

By sweating and being active in what is supposed to be a day bra, elasticity will eventually brake down and the bra will be useless.

If you feel like your part of that 80 percent of women wearing the wrong size, there are always fit specialists on hand in the lingerie department at Nordstrom who would gladly fit you and put you in the correct bra. 

By wearing the right size your breast will look so much better under T-shirts and will simply make bra shopping so much easier by knowing what works and what doesn’t.

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