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Soccer ties 2-2

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By Kevin Castaneda

By Kevin Castaneda

The RCC women’s soccer team displayed what it took to obtain a winning season during its game on Nov. 8. Riverside came out attacking and held a strong defense against Saddleback College.

Though Riverside wasn’t able to hold the lead, the team showed its ability to stay in full competition with their opponent until the end of the game, tying at 2-2.

The close game showed that both teams were eager to fight for better records in the Orange Empire Conference.

RCC wasted no time in demonstrating its scoring ability. Attacking early, forward Kristen Kirsch led with a goal with only four minutes into the game. The celebration was soon combined with another goal, scored just a minute later by sophomore forward Monica Meyer.

Even someone who is not a soccer buff could have said this game was going to be surefire blowout.

However, the Tigers’ progress came to a halt after the first goals. Saddleback relaxed into a contained, tight defense while Riverside set up its own great defense.

The Tigers’ defense was backed up well by their last line of players, freshmen goalkeeper, Jessica Greene. Greene had five saves in the first half, including an amazing stop at the 25th minute.

The first half would end 2-0, the Tigers leading at the half. RCC was in great position to come out with a victory, and a record to be pleased with.

But, the second half would not get easier or better for the Tigers. Saddleback soon began to attack, and it came more often then it did in the first half.

Finally the Riverside defense gave way, and Saddleback scored its first goal at the 24th minute.

As the Tigers had led in the first half with more shots on goal, so did the Saddleback in the second half. That finally resulted with Saddleback scoring its second goal and the tying the game.

Riverside had plenty of opportunities to put the game away, but it never gave way. So, the final score ended out to be a 2-2 tie.

With the tie, RCC assured itself of a winning season.

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