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Smith contributes to winning football season

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By Steven Sinohui

Looking on (Chris Dietrich)

By Steven Sinohui

Many may not be familiar with the name Tillford Smith, but he is a big part of the Riverside Community College football team.

Smith plays outside linebacker and is 6 feet tall and weighs 190 pounds. He is not an average sized linebacker but his speed and talent make up for what he lacks in size.

After the Nov. 12 game against the Pasadena Lancers, Smith had 30 tackles for the season and still has a few more games to play.

“I want to win it all,” he said.

Smith has the charisma of a leader not only on the field, but also off the field. Smith conducted himself very professionally, sitting in an erect posture while being interviewed.

“I want to make it to the All American and get into a division 1 or 2 football university,” Smith said when asked what some of his self goals where.

“I would love to go to Oregon and play for the Ducks alongside my good friend Aaron Gibson,” he said.

Smith contributes to the defensive part of the team, helping out with Riverside’s No. 1 ranked defense in the division. He is determined to go for what he wants, keeping his head directed straight toward the goal. When asked how he thought the team was doing he was optimistic.”We are getting better and better as each week progresses and with time we will be pretty close to perfection,” he said.

“Coach Brown is a great coach who knows his stuff very well. He inspires me to work harder every time I step foot onto the field. He pushes me to the best of my abilities,” Smith said, when questioned about coach Bill Brown.

This is Smith’s second season with the Tigers and this is his first year as a starter. Smith’s goal is to reach 60 tackles by the end of the season. He is still confident about reaching his goal even though the season is quickly coming to an end.

When asked about how he makes up for what he lacks in his size Smith is adamant.

“I play with my heart and with that I am able to do things many people my size cannot. I keep my head in the game and keep going,” he said.Riverside’s defense has contributed a large part to Riverside’s 7-3 overall record, 4-1 in conference.

Smith is just one of Riverside’s many weapons it possesses on the defensive side.

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