Connelly, most improved player

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By Jessica Staub

Katie Connelly (Chris Ullyott)

By Jessica Staub

To master a sport it takes time and dedication. In the end, the person who puts in all the time and effort is going to become the best.

Katie Connelly is considered the most improved player on Riverside’s womans’s volleyball team. She is the one who put in the effort to become a better player. Woman’s volleyball coach Suzie Witmer is very pleased with Connelly’s performance this season.

“She is more aggressive, her passing has improved, and her serve is phenomenal,” Witmer said. “She will hit every serving area I give her.” But it’s not enough to just be talented to be considered a great player, one must also be a good person. To be eligible, the student must keep a good grade point average, but Witmer never needs to worry about Connelly.

“She is just an all around great kid, even in her academic life,” Witmer said. “She is the ideal player for any coach. She is the first to do things and turn things in. We just love having her on the team.”

As the team’s libero, a specialized defense player, Connelly has adapted to the position well. Coming from high school, she has played almost every position, but libero.

“I mostly played back row or outside hitter,” Connelly said. “It is great being out of high school and experiencing the real world, and real volleyball.”

Connelly is happy with her performance and her improvements. “I have become more aggressive verbally and more confident with my serves and passing,” Connelly said.

But she still looks forward to her future at RCC and volleyball career. “I am still looking forward to making more bonds with my teammates and accomplishing more victories,” Connelly said. “Also, becoming a better player and to just keep pushing myself.”

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