Local go-kart track reinvents need for speed

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By Monique Larkin

By Monique Larkin

Picture, for a minute, a group of men dressed in red and blue jumpsuits. They are all gathered as they hoot, holler and slap each other high fives. You may be tempted to guess that these men are drawn together for some kind of patriotic event, maybe even for the celebration of the Fourth of July inevitably due to the colors that they are all wearing.

You take another look around at the crowd gathered for the event as you hear an announcer shout and motors rev. The announcer continues to shout as the sound of engines explode, taking you aback and the smell of gasoline slowly engulfs your senses…

This is the scene that is painted at the Adams Kart Track located on 24th Street located in Riverside, Calif.

The go-kart racing track has one of the longest straight-aways in the country; measuring in at 700 feet.

With 14 different turns, the racing track will challenge even veteran drivers; it will turn the heads of any Riverside Community College student in desperate need for speed.

Timel Sebastian is the proud director of the go-kart track and puts her customers first.

“I want people to come here and enjoy this track; it is a great form of entertainment,” Sebastian said.

So if you indeed have a need for speed, and you have no other outlet, or you just want to experience go-kart racing, check out Adams Kart Track.

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