Injury, loss moves Tigers to sixth place

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By Jessica Staub

GOING FOR THE KILL (Chris Dietrich)

By Jessica Staub

The sound of high pitched whistles and enthusiastic screams filled Huntley Gym on Oct. 12 as RCC’s volleyball team prepared to take on Cypress.

Skye Williams opened up the game with a kill, but Riverside’s time in the sun did not last for long.

The first game was full of short plays with not too much action, but the women were still fired up.

Kim Zumbro came into the game on fire. Zumbro came through with some big assists and kills.

Team captain Sara Baker did her job as a consistent setter for the team, but by the first time-out, Cypress led 17-11.

A controversial call forces a yellow card against Riverside, but the women came back and score another point.

By the second time-out, Cypress’ had increased its lead and eventually won the first match 30-19.

Battling for every point in the second game, the two teams were neck and neck. Every time Cypress scored, Riverside came back with a point of its own.

By the first time out, Riverside was leading 25-24.

Coach Suzie Witmer looked calm and confident with her team. She gave instruction only when necessary. But again, Cypress won 30-27.

Determined to not be sweeped all three matches, Riverside looked more fired up than ever.

In the third game the team communicated well and was attacking hard, but it wasn’t enough.

A great deal of the points against Riverside were the result of mistakes that Riverside was making.

Williams was a dependable hitter, while Baker and Zumbro came up with points with good serves.

With the score 24-29 and Cypress winning, the team played like it was still 0-0, refusing to give up. But during the next rally, Zumbro went down hard on her knee and had to be carried off the court. With the loss of a key player, Riverside lost the last game 30-25.

“We did well with our hitting and coverage,” Williams said. “But it was our own stupid mistakes that hurt us.”

On Oct. 14, the team traveled to Irvine Valley to take on the Lasers. Though Riverside won its first match 30-24, but lost the next three 27-30, 26-30, 27-30.

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