Focus on fashion: malls vs. boutiques

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By Alexandra Chavez

By Alexandra Chavez

Before the rebuilding of the Riverside Plaza, it seemed like the good old Galleria at Tyler was the only option for clothing.

It appears that cheap chain stores keep popping up in order to disgrace the mall. Compare the Galleria to the Brea Mall or the Mission Viejo Mall where there are “high-end” shops, and I even shed a tear every time I have to fathom the thought of our mall here in Riverside.

I could vent about the Galleria all day, but I’m here to bring up the greatest craze that has come to Riverside.

Chain stores and or boutiques can be a good option to find everyday wear, but in order to find unique items that no one else will have– a privately owned boutique is the best choice.

Bella’s Boutique at the Riverside Plaza is like a breath of fresh air to this town.  Instead of having to plan a day trip to the Costa Mesa Mall in order to find a trendy outfit, Bella’s is the perfect solution of saving you a car trip.

Unique and trendy brands such as “Da-Nang,” “Juicy Couture,” “Primp and Fresh” can all be found in this quaint boutique.  A variety of styles such as formal tanks, casual dresses and luxurious sweat suits are all found in this charming store.

When I shop I pay attention to minute details. For instance, I always take note to whether I’m greeted or not, the décor used in the shop, and the layout of each clothing piece. A store’s window displays that are immediately appealing to the eye are also vital.

Going back to being greeted in a store- I’m sure many girls can relate to this situation.  Have you ever walked into a small store, looked around for a while, wanted to maybe try on a few items, and found no one working who is willing to help you out?

Not in this instance. I walk into Bella’s and I am always greeted by someone who’s more than willing to assist me in finding that perfect piece for my closet.

I feel that not only should the clothing in a shop be appealing to the eye, but also the décor.  Bella’s interior uses warm tones, beautiful display racks, and spacious fitting rooms to create an inviting atmosphere.  No one likes shopping in a messy store and Bella’s makes sure to have a clean and neat environment for customers to enjoy.

“Bella’s is somewhere we girls can go to find all the cute clothes and at the same time shop with out mom’s,” said Tonya Obermeiyer, who is Bella’s assistant manager as well as a RCC student herself. “We are not a department store, but we try to compliment a variety of styles.”

Obermeiyer said that “Bella” in Italian means “beauty” or “beautiful.”  Although the girls at Bella’s believe that clothing is not what makes a person beautiful, they hope that the customer leaves feeling beautiful and first-rate.

So next time you are in dire need of that latest trendy top or flirty skirt, save yourself some gas money and reconsider that the Plaza holds a little secret known as Bella’s Boutique.

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