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Feminists Unite at RCC

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By Crystal Carry


By Crystal Carry

Women of all ages and some men came out to the “Love Your Body” Womyn’s Conference held at Riverside Community College Oct. 15.The conference was put on by RCC’s Feminists Unite.

“We wanted to bring awareness to women and enhance their self esteem,” said “F U” adviser Jami Brown.

The sessions provided information on sexual terrorism, self-defense, health issues and body images.

Guest speaker Director of Programs for Riverside Rape Crisis Center Debora Heaps, spoke about local and community activities which are promoting safety for women.

“(At the Crisis Center) we give victims help, but we also teach prevention,” Heaps said.

Another guest speaker from the RCC College Safety and Police Department, Sheri Corral taught self-defense techniques and ways of preventing attacks.

“Be aware,” Corral said. “If you act like a victim chances are that you will be a victim.”

The attendees came for many different reasons, but mostly to learn how to protect themselves.

“It is scary here at night while walking to my car,” said RCC student Amanda Hernandez. “I wanted to see what they had to say about self-defense in case I ever need it.”

Some other people came because of Brown.

“I wanted to support Mrs. Brown,” said RCC student Guny Romero. “The points she brings up about women are interesting.”

Feminists Unite was involved with the Aids Walk on Sept. 25 where they got pledges and donated money. They put on a spring wage scale bake sale where women paid $0.75 and men paid $1 to raise awareness of the wage difference. “F U” also puts on the play Vagina Monologues to bring awareness to stop violence.

“F U” has around 25 members who attend on a regular basis. But members agree that more people should become involved.

“I wanted to be more aware and involved in things regarding women,” said “F U” member Kacie Phillips.

“This is the only place on campus where women’s issues are being addressed,” said “F U” member Sarah Warren. “Everyone should come; you should not be deterred by the word feminist.”

There are a few men in the club but more should want to help with the movement.

“Men should not be afraid of it,” said “F U” member Jeff Diller. “It is not against us.”

To find more information about Feminists Unite contact Dr. Brown in the Womyn’s Resource Center.

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