Women continue to fall short

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By Derek Ortega


By Derek Ortega

The women’s soccer team was unable to snap its two game losing streak falling to the defending 2004 national champions Cypress College, with a score of 4-1 in a conference match up on Sept. 30.

It’s not too late to panic. Considering a two game losing streak, the women’s soccer team is still in good shape to make a come back in the Orange Empire Conference. The losses started with Santa Ana and Fullerton College.

In both games, the reason to why the women’s soccer team lost was due to “poor decisions on the field and of defensive breakdowns,” said coach Lynsey Jalayer.

In the Santa Ana game the women’s soccer team gave up a goal near the end of the game. The following game against Fullerton, the women’s soccer team gave up a penalty kick in extra time, which sent the team back home with a heartbreaking loss.

Coach Jalayer found it tough to deal with tie losses.”I took the losses harder than the players did.” she said. “I can see the potential in the players on this team and they shouldn’t have to lose those games.”The 2004 defending national champions Cypress College came into Norco to face the women’s soccer team in a conference match-up on Sept. 30.

Last season Cypress beat the women’s soccer team 8-0. Would it bring any intimidation to the women’s soccer team from the last time these two teams met? Coach Jalayer said, “The team doesn’t seem intimidated”.

When asked what her game plan was, she said, “We are going to take a defensive approach.” “If we hold’em off from scoring then we will have the best possible way of winning.”

From the moment the whistle blew Cypress took charge of the ball and quickly entered Riverside’s territory. Early on Riverside’s goalkeeper Jessica Greene made some nice saves, putting a stop to Cypress attempts to score goals. When Riverside’s defenders did get the chance to kick the ball to the opposite side of the field, Cypress was there to counter attack and put the pressure back on Riverside.

Riverside’s passes where not on target as their communication broke down between each player. Riverside did not use good spacing between them selves and that was an advantage for Cypress to keep the ball in Riverside territory.

Cypress College drew first blood off a corner kick, which made the score 1-0. A few plays later, a quick pass from Megan Cardoza to Rosa Renteria and Riverside scored a goal to tie the game at 1-1 going into halftime.

Going into the second half Riverside put up a good fight, but Cypress continued to penetrate Riverside’s part of the field and managed to score three more goals to put them at the top 4-1. Riverside tried to put together a comeback, but Cypress’s defense was too hard to penetrate.

“The team has many injuries but once everyone is 100 percent then we will see a different team,” freshmen Kristen Kirsch said.

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