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Football breaks two game losing streak

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By Regina Jimenez

By Regina Jimenez

RCC’S football team seems to be a little sketchy and undefined at the beginning of their season. Led by Coach Bill Brown, the Tigers hold a record of 3-2. When asked about his feelings on this year’s football team, he said, “This season we have a good group of sophomore leaders and we are looking optimistic at this point. If we can get a win over Orange Coast and Palomar than we will be looking at a pretty good season.” According to Coach Brown, his goals are “to continue to improve as a team and to get into the playoffs, because it’s definitely still within our reach.”

On Sept. 24, the RCC Tigers seemed to have gone into the game with little energy. With 11:38 in the first quarter, Cerritos Jeff Kline, 2, rushes for a 41-yard run to give Cerritos a quick 0-7 lead. With 10:35, Tigers quarterback Anthony Andre, 9, completes a 12-yard pass to wide receiver Diontary Toliver, 15, to help the Tigers put 6 points on the board. “I want to make it to the playoffs and win the championship. All we have to do is stop making mental mistakes and play like we have been in these past two weeks.” said Shane Hartman.

Cerritos struck again when Genoa Dill, 18, receives a 12-yard pass from Jeff Kline to push their lead 6-14. Tigers kicker Raul Torres, 62, completes a 31-yard field goal to help the Tigers come up 9-14. Tigers struggled early as Cerritos took a 9-21 first quarter lead with Genoa Dill and Jose Coronado, who completed an 87-yard kickoff return.

Cerritos seemed to have complete control of the game until about 9:08 in the second quarter when RCC’S Lee Burns, 86, received a pass from Anthony Andre to help the Tigers get back into the game 17-21. Going toward the remainder of the second quarter with 3:01 left, RCC’S Anthony Stith, 5, completes a 23-yard pass from Anthony Andre (Raul Torres kick) to give the Tigers a 24-21 lead. With 44 seconds left in the half Tigers score to increase their lead 31-21.

From the second quarter and on the Tigers stepped up their game and played with all of their energy. With 13:41 left into the third quarter Tigers running back Joshua Miller, 28, gains a 3-yard run (Raul Torres kick) to push their lead 38-21. Cerritos seemed to have faded away while the Tigers struck again to make the score 45-21.

Cerritos attempted to strike back and succeeded with player Jeron Johnson who rushed for a 1-yard run to help his team come up 45-28. With 4:59 remaining, RCC’S Raul Torres completed a 36-yard field goal to help the Tigers snap their 2 game losing streak by defeating Cerritos 48-28.

Despite missing a huge part of their offensive line with running back Richard Murrell, who suffered a sprained ankle in the game before, the Tigers still managed to slaughter Cerritos and come out with a victory. “To get into the playoffs we just have to work on the things we have been doing in practice and improve on our offense.” said Murrell. “I just want us to have a good time throughout our season and go to a bowl game and actually win.” said Murrell.

In the following game Tigers competed against Orange Coast. The Tigers dominated throughout the entire game while Orange Coast came into the game not knowing what to expect. Coming off at 3:58 into the first quarter Raul Torres, 62, completed a 41-yard field goal to start the Tigers off 3-0. In the middle of the second quarter Anthony Stith received a 52-yard pass from Joshua Gibson (Raul Torres kicker) to put the Tigers up 10-0.

In the second half Raul Torres once again completed a 41-yard field goal to push the Tigers lead 13-0. Can we all guess who pumped the Tigers up throughout this game? Raul Torres, who completed a 26-yard field goal to help the Tigers slaughter Orange Coast 16-0. RCC’S Tigers posted their first shutout since 2002. Tigers hold Orange Coast to 17-yards rushing and 6 first downs. “Our team has a lot of strengths but we just need to get them stronger as we go. I just want to have a good time in the playoffs.” said Deylan Marrow.

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