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Focus on fashion: Accessorizing inexpensively

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By Alexandra Chavez

By Alexandra Chavez

The key to completing a presentable outfit is more obvious than you might think. I hate to give out a good secret but for the sake of fashion I feel like it is my duty to spill the beans. There’s a wonderful chain store known for carrying everything a person needs– including food, home décor, electronics, hygienic products– but most importantly inexpensive accessories.

I never thought Target would carry trendy-but-cheap accessories. I have found everything from cute heels for work, white tanks for layering, adorable purses, and that perfect long necklace that completes that certain outfit.

Prices are very reasonable. A good pair of heels is under $25, bracelets are under $10 and a five pack of white tanks are around $7.

My reasoning is– why spend so much money on a trend that only lasts one season? Right now the bohemian look commonly worn by my personal favorite icons Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are so hot, but honestly ask yourself are you really going to wear that long bohemian skirt next summer?

Those darn skirts were in every store this summer from Nordstrom’s to Forever 21 and every other store in between. Same with the hip trend of layering long necklaces paired with a wide brown leather belt.  All of these items could be found at a boutique where prices would be ridiculous, but wouldn’t you preferably spend your money on something that’s more timeless rather than seasonal?

Rather than splurging on these items– spend your money on “fashion staples” that will never go out of style.  A good reliable pair of jeans and a classic pea coat never seems to go out each winter season. For some reason the more expensive the jeans are the better they fit the body. (Doesn’t it always work out that way!!)  Also, they seem to last a lot longer over time as compared to a cheaper pair. “I find myself going to Target more often than the mall,” said RCC student Cindy Matus. “My friends sometimes think what I buy from Target is so expensive, but it really is not! I can spend my money toward going out and having a good time with my friends over spending it on accessories that won’t be cool next year.”

I personally love mixing a less expensive Target top with a more expensive skirt and having people guess all day at my work what fancy boutique I bought the top from. I always reveal with absolutely no shame, “Why Target of course!”

Next time you’re browsing the aisle for a new shampoo or toothbrush, take a little walk over to the accessories and shoe department and you might find a better deal than you think.

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