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By Karla Velazquez


By Karla Velazquez

The Woman’s water polo crowd erupted in cheers as Cydney Owen put the ball in the back of the net in the first quarter of the match, starting off Riverside’s rally. Riverside, which is the No. 1 ranked team in the state, was matched against a difficult opponent on Sept. 28, the Fullerton Hornets.

Riverside went into the game full-force, swimming strongly and making some great passes. Katie Inglett and Layla Bahzadian showed great teamwork in the pool, not seeming to mind the blistering heat that lingered overhead. Corrie Stuursma had a great assist to Bahzahian for their second point right before the half. Early into the third quarter Dana Van Gorder added to Riverside’s lead with another point, stretching their lead to 3-0.

However, Fullerton did not give in easily. They surprised Riverside with two points, one consisting of a penalty shot. Stuursma did not seem to let that hold her back, helping out the team with a great pass to Miranda Quinones for another Riverside point. Riverside goalkeeper, Emily Fardig, showed awesome reflexes, shutting down a Fullerton penalty shot only a few feet away.

Coach David Almquist commented about the play after the game, “Emily played a hard game, when she blocked that penalty shot, I believe that shot Fullerton down,” said Almquist.

Riverside scored two more points to the final score before the game ended, one by Stuursma and another by Jennifer Laumea. But then with only 23 seconds left in the game, Fullerton scored once more; however, it was not enough to stop Riverside who won 6-3.

“Fullerton showed a lot of heart, coming back in the second half and scoring three points by three different girls,” Almquist said.

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